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    News and information for recycling professionals on paper recycling plastics ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal electronic scrap and additional secondary commodities solid waste industry associations industry regulations and more.

  • Metal Types and Recycling Process

    Mar 04 2021  In 2019 490.98 million 32 of the the 1 532.51 million metric tons of crude steel produced worldwide was made using recycled materials. Around 69 of crude steel in the United States in 2019 was made of recycled materials. 3

  • Recycling metals

    Recycling a metal involves collecting used metal items and producing new metal from them. The steps usually needed are collecting and transporting

  • List of Materials That Are Recyclable

    Nov 22 2019  Rinse out your plastic metal and glass recycling materials before placing them in your recycling bin. Paper materials should be clean and dry. If your pizza box has cheese or grease stuck to the box it s garbage pro tip If the top of the box is clean rip the box in half and recycle the part that s clean .

  • The Era Of Easy Recycling May Be Coming To An End

    Jan 10 2019  The Era Of Easy Recycling May Be Coming To An End. For those of us who spent most of our lives painstakingly separating plastic glass paper and metal single stream recycling is easy to love. No

  • What Can You Do With Old Notebooks

    Mar 21 2022  Luckily this can be done in just two simple steps. Step 1 Clip the spiral at the top and bottom using a pair of pliers. Step 2 Make a loop at the bottom and use your hands or an Allen Wrench to slowly unwind the wire. To speed up the process you can also use a drill on a

  • The Benefits of Recycling Plastics

    Jan 20 2021  Overall the level of plastics recycling is still relatively low. In 2018 only 4.4 percent of plastics in the municipal solid waste stream were recycled according to the EPA. Alternatives to Plastic

  • Plastics recycling challenges and opportunities

    Mar 21 2022  Recycling is one of the most important actions currently available to reduce these impacts and represents one of the most dynamic areas in the plastics industry today. Recycling provides opportunities to reduce oil usage carbon dioxide emissions and the quantities of waste requiring disposal. Here we briefly set recycling into context against

  • Fast fashion the destruction of ..

    Jan 20 2016  Fast fashion the destruction of developing countries. It’s a little known fact that us Brits wear just 70 per cent of the clothes that we have stored away in our wardrobes which leaves us with a total of 1.7 billion unused items. On average a consumer keeps their garments for three years but even more shocking than this is the fact that

  • Electrical items

    Any items that have a plug use batteries need charging or have a picture of a crossed out wheelie bin on are known as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment WEEE .. These items should not be sent to landfill and should be recycled at Recycling Centres electrical item bring banks or via electrical retailersvisit recycleyourelectricals to find out more.

  • Choose American Metal

    The Stuff American Dreams are made of. Your goals might not directly involve steel but you probably couldn’t reach them without it. Steel lifts us up supports us holds us together and carries us forward. That’s why Zekelman Industries launched the American Metal grass roots initiative supporting our steel industry. Get involved.

  • What Is Electronic Waste EcoATM

    By 2019 that number had grown to 53.6 million metric tons. Experts expect that trend to continue. By 2030 the world will generate roughly 30 more e waste than it did in 2019 reaching an annual 74.7 million metric tons. According to the most recent available data from 2019 worldwide e waste breaks down like so

  • The 8 Best Composters of 2022 for Recycling ..

    Mar 24 2022  The Miracle Gro Single Chamber Tumbler is another all around excellent option. With a 27.7 gallon capacity it s not too big but also not too small a perfect choice for s interested in starting a composting routine and anyone with a modest sized . Miracle Gro also has an 18.5 gallon option and a larger dual chamber model for those who

  • Our top ten stories of 2019

    Dec 24 2019  The list below shows the 10 most read Resource Recycling online stories of 2019 in terms of unique page views. APRIL 16 Prices for recovered fiber and HDPE took a beating in early spring although aluminum and PET values were more stable. APRIL 16 The largest residential garbage and recycling company in North America plans to get a lot

  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling WEEE

    Recycling of WEEE is a specialist part of the waste and recycling industry. It is a rapidly growing sub sector due largely to the implementation of the original WEEE Directive in the UK by the WEEE Regulations 2006 With that came the associated requirements for the recovery reuse recycling and treatment of WEEE.

  • 7 Genuinely Shocking Facts About Our Global Waste Problem

    Dec 07 2021  The EPA announced a landmark strategy on Nov. 15 National Recycling Day that aims to get the US to a 50 recycling rate by the end of the decade. A 2018 estimate puts the US at a recycling rate of 32 with only 8.7 plastic waste being recycled each year. The new strategy aims to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills or shipped

  • The U.S

    Dec 15 2021  The Recycling Economic Information REI Report found that in a single year recycling and reuse activities in the United States accounted for 757 000 jobs 36.6 billion in wages and 6.7 billion in tax revenues. This equates to 1.57 jobs 76 000 in wages and 14 101 in tax revenues for every 1 000 tons of material recycled.

  • Recycling Is Broken

    Recycling Is Broken. Now What Michele Bianchi / 7 Min Read / Worn Wear Activism. This illustration by Matt Blease appears in full in the Patagonia August 2019 Gear Guide. Patagonia is no stranger to the difficulty of throwing stuff away. We take back 100 percent of the gear you return for recycling through our Worn Wear program.

  • Is Recycling Worth It Why Many Things You Toss End Up In

    It made glass much more difficult to recover. In fact most glass bottles and jars tossed in recycling bins in the D.C. region will never be turned into new glass bottles or jars. Instead they will end up in the landfill either as beneficial cover or just dumped with other trash.

  • Germany recycles more than any other country

    Mar 25 2022  Germany recycles more than any other country. But Wales a global leader in recycling could outperform Germany as early as 2018. Germany has the best recycling rate in the world. Austria comes in second followed by South Korea and Wales. All four countries manage to recycle between 52 and 56 of their municipal waste.

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    Definition of Solid Waste and Recycling

    Mechanisms to Ensure Proper Recycling Speculative accumulation §261.1 c 8 –Materials are not solid waste if Recycling must be feasible. 75 of material stored at the beginning of the year must actually be recycled or sent for recycling by the end of the year. –If materials are speculatively accumulated they are solid wastes.

  • Window Trends for 2019

    Recycling/Waste Removal Painted versus an actual metal frame is the preference because while home buyers may like the look committing to a frame they may tire of in a

  • Trash Recycling Compost Service City of Kirkland

    We can provide assistance contact our Recycling Hotline at recycle kirklandwa.gov or 425 587 3812. Statewide plastic bag ban in effect Oct. 1 2021. Washington State s plastic bag ban took effect Oct. 1 2021. It supersedes Kirkland s policy and businesses should now follow the State guidelines.

  • Resources Conservation Recycling

    Feb 10 2022  Emphasis is upon technological economic institutional and policy aspects of specific resource management practices such as conservation recycling and resource substitution and of systems wide strategies such as resource productivity improvement the restructuring of production and consumption profiles and the transformation of industry.

  • Economy Dumpster

    May 13 2019  For example all Best Buy stores have a recycling program regardless if you bought the television from them. With all the recyclable materials inside a television recycling is the only option. Wire Cable Recycling. Take a second and think of all the electronics in your house. Each one of them uses cables and wires to operate.

  • Recycling Composting in San Francisco

    Contact Recology at 415 330 1300 to order service and receive recycling composting and landfill bins. Property owners and managers must provide color coded containers for tenants employees contractors and customers to ensure separation of discards. Residents can choose to compost at home and take recyclables to appropriate recycling centers.

  • Current Scrap Metal Prices Dealers Yards

    Below you can find current scrap metal prices and lists of scrap metal items for metal recycling. Metals prices include scrap iron cans zinc tin steel bronze copper and mixed scrap. Please note that most sources for free scrap metal prices contain pricing information that is a few weeks or a few months old.

  • Best Commercial Waste Companies 2019

    Jan 11 2021  70.95. That was the average price of a ticket to see pop icon Janet Jackson perform in the Upstate New York area in 2017. During the same period small businesses paid commercial waste haulers an average tipping fee of 79.30 per ton to landfill their trash in the same region. Clearly co

  • The 5 things you need to know about chemical recycling

    Apr 15 2019  The current approach to recycling just won’t cut it. While traditional chop and wash mechanical recycling works well for PET and HDPE think water bottles and milk jugs it cannot effectively manage the complex stream of films chip bags synthetic fibers and other plastics that enter the waste stream every day.

  • 3 Upgrades to Make in Your Kitchen for Increased

    May 21 2019  Trash and recycling bins are important but they can take up quite a bit of room if they re not located in a good place in the kitchen. While most homeowners have them sitting against the wall or by a door more and more people are choosing a pullout shelf for their trash and recycling units.

  • 12 Recycling and Sustainability Quotes

    Buy less choose well. Vivienne Westwood Fashion Designer At its core the issue of a clean environment is a matter of public health. Gina McCarthy Administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Click here if you are interested in reading more Sustainability and Recycling Quotes.

  • Brake Rotors Scrap Prices

    Mar 29 2022  Rockaway Recycling will buy brake rotors or brake drums from any type of vehicle just make sure that when you bring them in to have them separated. Rotors coming off of trucks cars vans or larger commercial vehicles are all accepted at Rockaway Recycling. We like to have the brake drums removed from the rotors so they can be considered clean.

  • Why glass recycling in the US is broken

    Feb 11 2019  Multistream recycling which is a far less common approach in the US is simpler on the processing end. In these programs consumers separate glass from other recyclables depositing them in glass

  • Upstate Shredding Weitsman Recycling

    Commercial / Wholesale. As the East Coast’s largest privately held scrap metal processor Upstate Shredding Weitsman Recycling uses the most innovative technologies and systems in the industry to process its 1 million tons of ferrous and 250 million pounds of nonferrous scrap metal per year.

  • The Waste Management Hierarchy

    Nov 20 2019  In recent years society business and lawmakers have tended to look at a high recycling rate as a major goal of sustainability efforts. Such thinking has been eclipsed by more holistic approaches such as circular economy and life cycle analysis which look at the overall environmental impact of resource usage.. The waste hierarchy typically displayed as an